WholisticMatters podcast series host John Troup, PhD, sat down with Tom Aarts, one of the most influential leaders in the nutrition and supplement industry through his work with Nutrition Business Journal, Nutrition Business Advisors, and Nutrition Capital Network. Aarts has long been helping industry leaders and practitioners better understand the vitamin/mineral space and the practitioner space. 

Troup and Aarts discuss transparency in the supplement industry, a 43 billion dollar industry accelerated by practitioners as a trusted source by patients. Aarts explains that the supplement industry is growing relatively quickly compared to other similar industries. The practitioner space makes up about ten percent of the industry, and it specifically is growing by about eight percent.

They also discuss the impact of digital technology and the importance of clinical studies in new product research and development:

“The companies that do really effective education for practitioners actually grow fast and do better in the marketplace,” Aarts said.

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